6 drawer bar counter refrigerator

There are several models to consider from in GORT bar counter refrigerators line. They are used in drink bars, pubs, restaurants and other places where alcoholic cocktails and drinks are served.

Depending on the model, the bar counter refrigerators are equipped with:
– hinged doors (s/s solid or glass)
– 2 drawers section (s/s solid or glass) designed to store bottles
– mixed version (door and drawers in one unit).

The exterior and interior of bar counter refrigerators is made of high quality stainless steel for long-term use and easy cleaning. Another advantages in the the bar counter refrigerator are the compressor compartment is with door and slide-out refrigeration unit – for quick access to the condenser and ease of maintenance.

For the sake of our natural environment, an ecological refrigerant has been used in the units.

6 drawer bar counter refrigerator
stół chłodniczy barowy szuflada

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    PRODUCT CODE: CB02022200-200DV


    external dimensions 2002 x 510 x 847 mm
    power supply 230 V
    power 0,45 kW
    number of drawer sections 3 x 2 drawers
    drawer external dimensions 396 x 375 x 305 mm
    temperature range +2 ÷ +12oC

    Bar counter refrigerator:

    • Casing made of stainless steel.
    • Digital temperature control and display.
    • Forced air refrigeration.
    • Without worktop (undercounter unit). Worktop – optional.
    • Removable rails supports, height adjustable rails in units with door sections.
    • Removable magnetic door/drawer gasket.
    • Drawer section designed to store bottles/cans h=300 mm with telescopic sliders and bottles dividers dividing the drawer into 3 parts.
    • Configuration in this model: 3 x 2 drawer section designed to store bottles h= 300 mm.
    • Condensate evaporation.
    • Automatic drip water evaporation.
    • Automatic ventilator defrost.
    • Ecological refrigerant.
    • Polyurethane insulation 40 mm.
    • Compressor compartment on the right hand side (option: left hand side).
    • Compressor compartment with lockable door – quick access to the condenser.
    • ‘Slide out’ refrigeration unit for ease of maintenance.
    • Designed to ambient temperature +30oC.
    • Door/drawer locks (one key to all doors/drawers) – optional.