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exhaust canopies

Designed to remove impurities as smoke, vapour, odours, fumes and excessive heat produced by kitchen appliances. They are divided into canopies with standard height and canopies for low rooms. This group also includes canopies for combi steamers which are adjusted to a specific model and dimensions of the combi steamer.

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induction canopies and induction canopies with compensation

Intended to capture and remove excessive heat and impurities as vapour and odours while providing the correct balance between exhaust and supply air. They are divided into induction canopies and induction canopies with compensation, i.e. supply of fresh air in the room.

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condense canopies

Designed to remove vapour from the canopy walls exhausted by dishwashers, boiling pans and other appliances with low grease emission level. The vapour settles on specially designed baffles inside the canopy and then is removed to sewage system by draining channels.

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standard equipment

Each ventilation canopy is equipped with:

  • a set of baffle filters
  • exhaust air ducts – quantity adjusted to dimensions and type of the canopy
  • hanging rods

optional equipment

Optional equipment of ventilation canopy include:

  • baffle-mesh filters, cyclone filters, mesh filters, blind filters
  • integrated lighting
  • suspended lighting
  • exhaust fan (only in selected models)
  • UV filtration system

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