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A wine library adapted to a particular interior design and manufactured for an individual order, ensures both proper storage conditions and intensive visual presentation of the bottles of wine.

Thanks to our many years of technical experience, wine libraries designed by us incorporate functionality and aesthetics. It is extremely important for top rated hotel chains and high-end restaurants.

Over the past few years, there has been a noticeable increase in the installation of professional wine storage cabinets also in smaller restaurants and private residences and apartments. The main cause of this situation is Poland’s growing wine culture. That is why more and more private customers choose to buy a wine library that will become not only a place to store bottles with this noble drink but will also add the decorate touch to the kitchen or the living room.

szafa na wino

Wine libraries are designed in two versions:

  • neutral
  • refrigerated (with built-in compressor or adjusted to central refrigeration system)

Neutral wine libraries provide aesthetic presentation of a product in ambient conditions.

Cabinets with built-in compressors are rarely installed due to noise level and heat generated by the compressor. This solution is usually chosen by the owners of the premises if there is no possibility to install refrigeration system outside the building or in another room.

Wine libraries are usually designed to be connected to central refrigeration system located outside the room in which the cabinet is placed. It is recommended because of noise reduction in the room where wine is displayed.

There are various possibilities of wine bottles display in the wine library. In this case we follow the customer’s request. See the examples below:

szafy na wino półki