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2 zone induction range on open base

GORT LINE 700 electric cooking ranges are designed for commercial kitchens. Apart from electric cooking ranges with traditional heating plates, we also offer induction ranges. There are 2 and 4 zone induction ranges on top or monoblocks available. Only professional plates manufactured in the European Union are used for production of induction ranges.


In all GORT LINE 700 electric cooking ranges, professional Schott Ceran® induction plates are used. The efficiency of induction ranges is higher compared to other available technologies of analogues power. The heat is generated directly in the bottom of the cookware and does not spread to the sides. The plate works only when the cookware is placed on it so the energy is not wasted. Fast cooking time, low heat release as well as, easy and comfortable cleaning are another advantages.


All GORT LINE 700 units are made with utmost care using high quality stainless steel and are equipped with ergonomic knobs with smooth temperature adjustment.

2 zone induction range on open base

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    PRODUCT CODE: GC1300-040EV+S02


    dimensions 400 x 730 x 850 mm
    power 7 kW
    heating zone 2 x 3,5 kW
    power supply 400/50 V/Hz

    Induction range:

    • Professional induction plate with dimensions of 570 x 335 mm, with 2 heating zones ø 230 mm.
    • Removable chimney – can be washed in dishwashers.
    • The appliance has been tested and CE approved.
    • Ergonomic knob.
    • Stepless heating plates temperature adjustment.
    • Hair-joint connection system – perfectly smooth connection between GORT LINE 700 units standing next to each other.
    • Body made of high quality stainless steel.
    • Height adjustable round legs.