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3 door freezer counter GN1/1

GORT frezer counters are available in various capacities. They are used in the gastronomic facilities and wherever storage of food at minus temperatures is necessary.

Considering the usable space of the facility there are 2-, 3- chamber freezer counters. They are are equipped with s/s solid hinged doors. It is possible to order the counter with sink or the Chef’s knife drawer at the top of compressor compartment.

The exterior and interior of the freezer counter is made of high quality stainless steel for long-term use and easy cleaning.

For the sake of our natural environment, an ecological refrigerant has been used in the units.

3 door freezer counter GN1/1

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    external dimensions 1840 x 700 x 850 mm
    power supply 230 V
    power 0,575 kW
    capacity 440 L
    temperature range -21 ÷ -14o C

    Freezer counter:

    • Casing made of stainless steel.
    • Digital temperature control and display.
    • Forced air refrigeration.
    • Worktop 40 mm thick and rear upstand h=50 mm.
    • Removable rails supports for easy cleaning.
    • Removable magnetic door gasket.
    • Designed to GN1/1 containers. 
    • Recessed cooling chamber’s bottom.
    • Condensate evaporation.
    • Automatic and manual defrosting.

    • Heated door frames.
    • Ecological refrigerant.

    • Polyurethane insulation 50 mm.

    • Compressor compartment mounted on the left hand side (optionally on the right hand side).
    • Designed to ambient temperature +32o C.
    • Height adjustable s/s legs (optionally castors).