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6 burner gas cooking range on electric oven L900

GORT LINE 900 gas cooking ranges are designed for commercial kitchens. There are 2, 4 and 6 burner ranges available in the offer. Gas cooking ranges are available as monoblocks or as top units (to be mounted on open bases).


In all gas cooking ranges, high-power small size burners made of corrosion-resistant material have been used. They provide perfect combustion and even heating on the whole pot surface.


All GORT LINE 900 units are made with utmost care using high quality stainless steel and are equipped with ergonomic knobs with smooth temperature adjustment.

6 burner gas cooking range on electric oven L900

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    PRODUCT CODE: GC2010-120GV+V42


    dimensions 1200 x 930 x 850 mm
    total power 59,2 kW
    gas range power 53,7 kW
    burners 3 x 7,9 kW + 3 x 10 kW
    oven power 5,5 kW
    power supply 400V / 50Hz, 3N+PE
    oven temperature range 70 – 270 oC +/- 10 oC
    oven dimensions 535 x 660 x 270 mm

    Gas cooking range:

    • Pressed top

      – made of one piece of stainless steel

      – rounded edges and corners (easy and comfortable cleaning)

    • Durable cast-iron pan supports – separate for each burner

    • High-power small size burners – stable flame and perfect combustion

    • Pilot burner’s flame – keeps the appliance in standby mode

    • Sealed burners and pilots – protected against spilling

    • Ergonomic knobs.

    • Smooth temperature adjustment.

    • Removable chimney – can be washed in dishwashers.

    • Oven accommodates GN2/1 pans. It is equipped with 1 GN2/1 grid shelf and cast-iron insert to increase heat accumulation.

    • 8-position control of oven’s temperature and piezo-electric igniter.
    • 3 different heating modes in oven: bottom, top, bottom-top.
    • 3 levels of runners
    • Heating plate thermal protection against overheating.
    • Gas anti-outflow protection – cut off the gas flow in the case of accidental extinguishing of the flame.
    • The appliance has been tested and CE approved by one of the most rigorous notified bodies in Europe.
    • Hair-joint connection system – perfectly smooth connection between GORT LINE 900 units standing next to each other.
    • Appliance body made of high quality stainless steel.
    • Height adjustable round legs.
    • LINE 900 open bases may be equipped with doors to make a cupboard with hinged door. Doors are universal – left / right.
    • While placing an order please specify gas type (G20; G25; G25.3; G2.350; G27; G30/G31).
    • Optional:
      GY7V003 open cupboard door