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Free standing bain marie 1 well, with open cupboard

GORT range of electric bain maries is recognized by users in Poland and other countries mainly due to its reliability. The construction of bain maries is robust and based on technical solutions which guarantee their perfect operation.

They are designed to keep food hot in GN pans and serve it quickly so they are a perfect solution for everyone from the mobile caterer and small restaurant owner to schools, colleges and hospitals or hotels.

Bain maries’ construction is based on heated well made of high quality stainless steel, filled with water to take up GN pans with hot food.

Free standing bain marie 1 well, with open cupboard

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    dimensions 400 x 700 x 850 mm
    power 1 kW
    power supply 230 V
    number of wells x capacity 1 x GN 1/1
    temperature adjustment range             30 – 100 °C

    Free standing bain marie:

    • Separate temperature control – separate on/off switch and thermostat on each well, pressed wells.
    • Smooth temperature adjustment.
    • Pressed well with marked required water filling level.
    • Open cupboard.
    • Construction made of high quality stainless steel.
    • Well designed to accomodate GN1/1-200 mm containers.
    • Drain valves located on front panel.
    • Free standing bain marie: height adjustable, s/s feet.
    • 850 mm height (G standard) or 900 mm height (H standard).