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Gas boiling pan 150 Autoclave L900

GORT LINE 900 boiling pans are designed for commercial kitchens. GORT offers several models of boiling pans. They are widely used in catering facilities where soups, rice, sauces, etc. are being cooked. Using boiling pans in professional kitchen saves time by eliminating the use of traditional cooking methods, thus facilitating the organization of work in the kitchen. The capacity of GORT Line 900 boiling pans is 150 liters.

The advantage of gas boiling pans is a fact that the operating costs are usually lower than the boling pans with different type of power supply.

Boiling pans available in standard and AUTOCLAVE versions, both with automatic (by solenoid valve) or manual (through water inlet) filling of the jacket.

Each GORT boiling pan is made with the utmost care using high quality materials.

Gas boiling pan 150 Autoclave L900

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    PRODUCT CODE: GK611510-080GV


    dimensions 800 x 930 x 850/1577 mm
    gas power 23 kW
    power supply 0,2 kW / 230 V / 50 HZ, 1N+PE
    power 0,2 kW
    capacity 150 L
    Wersion autoclave
    jacket filling system* automatic

    Gas boiling pan:

    • AUTOCLAVE version: lid gasket, tightening lid clamps, safety valve on lid 0,05 bar.
    • Automatic filling of the jacket (*manual filling of the jacket also available in the offer – GK211500-080GV).
    • Indirect heating by water jacket.
    • Polished cooking tank bottom, made of AISI 316 stainless steel:
      – increased durability
      – easy cleaning
    • Appliance body made of high quality stainless steel.
    • Embossed top plate prevents spilling.
    • High chimney.
    • Pressed balanced lid.
    • Rotating fresh water tap.
    • Safety valve.
    • Manometer located on the control panel.
    • Electronic water level control of the jacket.
    • Visual indicator of water alarm level in the jacket.
    • High quality drain valve 2″
    • Smooth power adjustment of burner.
    • Efficient gas burner ensures high-performance with low gas consumption.
    • Electrochemical protection of water jacket against corrosion.
    • Gas anti-outflow protection – cut off the gas flow in the case of accidental extinguishing of the flame.
    • The appliance has been tested and CE approved by one of the most rigorous notified bodies in Europe.

    • Hair-joint connection system – perfectly smooth connection between GORT LINE 900 units standing next to each other.

    • Height adjustable round s/s legs.

    • Working pressure in water jacket 0,5bar.
    • Hot and cold water tap connection 2 x G½″.
    • Treated water connection G¾″.
    • Worktop water drain ∅30.
    • International Protection Rating IPX4.
    • While placing an order please specify gas type (G20; G25; G25.3; G2.350; G27; G30/G31).