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Gas stockpot stove 13 kW

Gas stockpot stove 13 kW

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    dimensions 566 x 566 x 385 mm
    total power 13 kW
    number of burners x burner power 1 x 13 kW

    Gas stockpot stove:

    • High-power, efficient and energy saving burner – 13 kW!
    • Burner power adjustment from economic position (25% of flow capacity) until complete valve opening.
    • Burner with control flame.
    • Removable, cast-iron pan support.
    • Durable construction adjusted to heavy loads.
    • Body made of stainless steel.
    • Protection of the gas valve knob against mechanical damage (the knob does not stick out of the body).
    • Gas anti-outflow protection.
    • Designed for large pots, max. ∅50 cm.
    • Max load: 100 kg.
    • Height adjustable feet.
    • Gas inlet: R½″.
    • While placing an order please specify gas type: (G20; G2.350; G27; G30/G31).