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Gas tilting bratt pan

GORT LINE 700 gas tilting bratt pans are designed for commercial kitchens. They enable preparing large amounts of dishes that require frying (e.g. chops, fish) and stewing. The bratt pan’s bottom is made DUPLEX stainless steel which is an universal solution dedicated for frying as well as stewing dishes. Bratt pans are characterized by perfect temperature disctribution, very good thermal conductivity and increased corrosion resitance. All the edges are rounded so that it is easier to keep the appliance clean.


The distinctive feature of the heating pan is its large frying surface and perfect temperature distribution on the entire surface of the pan. Thanks to this, it is possible to prepare a large number of products at the same time with the similar degree of roasting and taste.


All GORT LINE 700 units are made with utmost care using high quality stainless steel and are equipped with ergonomic knob with smooth temperature adjustment.

Gas tilting bratt pan

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    PRODUCT CODE: GP2151-080EV+S00


    dimensions 800 x 730 x 850 mm
    power 16 kW
    pan’s capacity 60 L
    cooking surface 705 x 463 mm (0,33 m2)
    temperature range 120 – 280 oC

    Gas tilting bratt pan:

    • Pan bottom made of DUPLEX stainless steel.
      – very good thermal conductivity and temperature distribution over the entire surface of the pan
      – increased corrosion resitanceę
      – universal solution for dishes that require frying and stewing.
    • Water filling of the pan by a push button and integrated tap.
    • Manual tilting mechanim for easy pan’s emptying.
    • Lid with ergonomic handle.
    • Thermostatic gas valve.
    • Smooth temperature adjustment.
    • Battery powered piezo-electric igniter.
    • The appliance has been tested and CE approved by one of the most rigorous notified bodies in Europe.
    • Body made of high quality stainless steel.
    • Height adjustable round legs.
    • While placing an order please specify gas type (G20; G25; G25.3; G2.350; G27; G30/G31).