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Banquet heated cabinet, double

The GORT banquet cabinet belongs to the group of professional appliances used in gastronomy. It allows you to improve the distribution of meals from the kitchen to the dining room in the right conditions.

GORT banquet cabinet is made of the highest quality stainless steel. Thanks to this, it is possible to maintain the highest standards of hygiene and durability.

Rich standard equipment, reliable solutions facilitating the use and maintenance of the appliance, are the main, but not the only, advantages of GORT banquet cabinets.

Banquet heated cabinet, double

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    external dimensions 1560 x 870 x 1890 mm 
    power 2,4 kW
    power supply 230 V
    capacity 46x GN2/1-40 mm lub 24x GN2/1-65 mm
    temperature range +30 ÷ +85oC

    Banquet cabinet:

    • casing made of stainless steel
    • forced air circulation ensures air circulated evenly throughout the unit
    • digital temperature control and display
    • water container to maintain humidity inside the cabinet (humidity is not regulated)
    • condenser fan switch after door opening
    • shelves clearance: 50 mm
    • removable rails supports: easy cleaning
    • heat resistant door gasket
    • insulation 50 mm
    • ø 100 mm castors (two with multifunctional brake)
    • top corner bumpers
    • self-closing door up to <90°
    • the door opens at an angle of 180o
    • pull handle with key lock
    • equipped with 20 sets of guides