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Hot cupboard with drawers for GN containers

The GORT line of hot cupboards includes many models of appliances. Hot cupboards are intended for mass catering points. They are used for temporary storage and maintaining the temperature of plates and other tableware. The tables are used in kitchen areas intended for portioning and distributing dishes, waiters’ switchboards and catering facilities.

Due to the wide range of applications and therefore the design, the GORT hot cupboards range includes one-side operated tables, pass-through tables, with a shelf, and guides for GN1/1 containers – all in many execution options.

The GORT line of hot cupboards is appreciated by users in Poland and abroad – mainly due to its reliability, solid construction and aesthetics. These features make GORT hot cupboards a perfect solution for professional catering.


Hot cupboard with drawers for GN containers

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    dimensions 550 or 900 x 700 x 850 mm
    power 1,4 kW
    power supply 230/50 V/Hz
    temperature range 30 – 65 °C

    Hot cupboard with drawers for GN containers:

    • Solid and ergonomic body made of stainless steel.
    • Hot cupboard with full extension drawer rails.
    • Forced air heating.
    • Height adjustable shelf or GN containers rails.
    • Width of hot cupboard 550 (for GN1/1 containers) or 900 mm (for GN2/1 containers).
    • Depth of hot cupboard 700 mm.
    • Smooth temperature adjustment.
    • Worktop made of stainless steel (sound-proofed and reinforced with humidity resistant material).
    • Indicator lamp of electric connection.
    • Indicator lamp of heating elements.
    • Height adjustable feet.
    • STANDARD: worktop with rear upstand – see the table.
    • OPTIONS: height 900 mm (standard L), several versions of worktop, mobile version.