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Hot cupboard with doors

GORT LINE 700 hot cupboard with doors is designed for professional kitchens and catering facilities. The appliance may be used for keeping the cookware warm (mainly plates).

GORT LINE 700 hot cupboard with doors with drawers is recognised by users in Poland and other countries mainly due to its reliability, aesthetics and robust construction. GORT hot cupboard is an excellent solution for commercial kitchens.

Hot cupboard with doors

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    dimensions 800 x 705 x 600 mm
    power 1,4 kW
    power supply 230/50 V/Hz
    temperature range 30 – 65 °C

    Hot cupboard with doors:

    • Robust and ergonomic construction made of high quality stainless steel.
    • Hot cupboard with doors.
    • Hot cupboard with perforated shelf.
    • Forced air circulation.
    • Intended for cookware heating and keeping it warm.
    • Smooth temperature adjustment range 30 – 65 °C.
    • Power supply indicator lamp.
    • Heating indicator lamp.
    • Height adjustable round legs.