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Neutral element with drawer on open base 800

GORT LINE 700 neutral elements are designed for commercial kitchens. Available models: neutral elements  without drawer of 400-1200 mm width and neutral elements with drawer of 400 ÷ 800 mm width. Drawers are designed to accommodate GN1/1-h. max 100 mm containers (models GN0110-040EV and GN0110-040EV+S02) as well as GN2/1-h. max 100 mm containers (models GN0110-080EV and GN0110-080EV+S02).
Neutral elements either with drawer, or without drawer, are available as top units or as monoblocks (on open base).
Neutral elements are used in kitchen lines as storage area.

Neutral element with drawer on open base 800

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    PRODUCT CODE: GN0110-080EV+S02


    dimensions 800 x 730 x 850 mm
    drawer yes

    Neutral element with drawer on open base:

    • Robust and ergonomic construction made of high quality stainless steel.
    • Available width 400-800 mm.
    • Drawer designed to accommodate GN2/1-h. max 100 mm.
    • Hair-joint connection system – perfectly smooth connection of units standing next to each other.
    • Height adjustable round legs.
    • LINE 700 open bases may be equipped with doors to make cupboard with hinged doors. Doors are universal – left / right.