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Open base 1200 MM L900

GORT LINE 900 open bases are designed to work with equipment and neutral elements to be mounted on top. They are available in the width 400 mm – 1200 mm. Integrated with neutral elements of the same dimensions enable arranging a functional kitchen line adjusted to every room. They are delivered without door as a standard. Universal doors (left/right) are optional.

Open base 1200 MM L900

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    PRODUCT CODE: GS0200-120GV


    dimensions 1200 x 855 x 600 mm

    Open base:

    • Robust and ergonomic construction made of high quality stainless steel.
    • Available width 250-1200 mm.
    • At the back space for leading the wires of countertop units.
    • Hygienic finish, easy cleaning.
    • Height adjustable round legs.
    • Optional:
      GY7V003 door (universal – left / right)