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Rails section for 400 mm open bases

GN1/1 rails section for GORT COOKING LINE 700 equipment on open bases and open bases. Dedicated for open bases with the width of 400 mm. Designed to work with electric equipment on open bases (GC11, GC13 cooking ranges and GG1 fry tops), neutral elements on open bases GN010, GN011 and open bases GS02. 


Using additional rails in the cooking ranges organizes the work area and increases their ergonomics. The pans are alway within the reach of the hand.

Rails section for 400 mm open bases

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    open base’s width 400 mm

    Rails section for 400 mm open bases:

    • Robust construction made of high quality stainless steel.
    • Designed for open bases of 800 mm width.
    • Designed to work with:
      – GC11, GC13 electric cooking ranges on open base,
      – GG1 electric fry tops on open base,
      – GN010, GN011 neutral elements on open base,
      – GS02 open bases.
    • Capacity: 3x GN1/1.
    • Max. height of GN pan: 100 mm.
    • Improved work ergonomics and order in the kitchen area.