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Refrigerated static top DROP-IN, 3 x GN1/1

DROP-IN refrigerated static top has been designed for buffets and any type of distribution systems. The unit allows attractive presentation of the dishes at ideal temperature for maintaining the food tasty and healthy. The possibility to build the equipment into the worktop of the buffet or a self-service line allows you to fully integrate the units with the interior design and architecture.

The refrigerated top is made of stainless steel. High hygiene and easy cleaning are ensured by pressed tank, rounded inner edges and the fall of tanks’s bottom towards the outlet.

Available options:
– integrated or remote control panel
– 3 sizes of the unit available: 2xGN1/1, 3xGN1/1 or 4xGN1/1
– 8 compressor compartment ventilation options

Refrigerated static top DROP-IN, 3 x GN1/1

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    PRODUCT CODE: DT120_-106DV


    external dimensions 1060 x 600 x 520 mm 
    power 0,39 kW
    power supply 230 V
    refrigerated plate dimensions 960 x 510 x 25 mm
    capacity 3 x GN1/1-20 mm
    temperature range -5 ÷ +5oC
    ambient temperature +25oC

    DROP-IN refrigerated static top:

    • Integrated control panel.
    • Digital temperature control and display.
    • Usable surfaces made of stainless steel.
    • High hygiene and easy cleaning:
      – pressed well, rounded inner edges and corners
      – fall of well’s bottom towards the outlet
      (easier removal of condensate).
    • 8 compressor compartment ventilation options – the choice depends on the front décor panels and selected control panel.
    • Static refrigeration with cooling coil.
    • Ecological refrigerant.
    • Polyurethane insulation.
    • Water drain from the well into condensate container or into sewage system (water outlet G ¾”).

    • The offer also includes the versions:

      • with remote control panel DT130_-106DV
      • to be connected to remote compressor DT1300-106DV.