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Knife sterilizer

The GORT knife sterilizer is designed for surface disinfection of previously washed knives using light emitting UV-C radiation. Radiation changes the structure of nucleic acids, strongly affecting vegetative forms of microorganisms.

Ultraviolet (UV) has bactericidal properties, eliminates Salmonella, coli, cocci, aerobic bacilli, colibacillosis and fungi. The use of an egg sterilizer as one of the sterilization methods contributes to the destruction of vegetative and spore forms of microorganisms.

Properly sterilized material is sterile, does not contain any microorganisms (including viruses).


GORT knife sterilizers are made with the utmost care from high-quality stainless steel.

Knife sterilizer

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    external dimensions [W x D x H] 575 x 162 x 586 mm
    power 15 W
    power supply 230/50 V/Hz
    sterilization time adjustment 0-120 min

    Knife sterilizer:

    • body made of stainless steel
    • polycarbonate door
    • sterilization using UV radiators
    • controller of time of sterilization from 0 till 120 min
    • timer with buzzer
    • sterilizes up to 24 knifes at once
    • door opening on the left side in standard
    • automatic switching off the lamps after opening the door – protection against UV radiation
    • easy to clean
    • mounted on the wall
    • power cord, plug in, l= 2,5 m