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GORT modern production plant is located in Białystok. GORT appliances are entirely manufactured in Poland.
From the design stage to the quality control test – the whole process is controlled in our Factory.


Join us for a virtual walk around professional catering kitchen:

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Where is our equipment installed

Quality is the foundation upon which GORT has built its reputation among investors and users.
Our equipment is installed in numerous catering facilities in Poland as well as abroad:

  • Hotels and hotel chains
  • Restaurants
  • Stadiums and other sports facilities with catering kiosk
  • Mass catering (hospital kitchens, school and pre-school canteens etc.)
  • Fast-food restaurant chains
  • Catering companies



GORT foodservice equipment production plant manufactures high quality equipment (for commercial kitchens). Our production plant located in Białystok was established in a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in 2004.

Technological designs of GORT appliances are developed by highly skilled and experienced team of R&D engineers.
Due to the fact that the equipment is entirely manufactured in our factory in Poland, quality control at each processing stage can be carried out.

Export is an essential part of selling. GORT equipment works in the kitchens in different parts of the world and, what is especially vital, in many hotels belonging to international hotel chains (e.g. Hilton, Sheraton, Westin). The quality of GORT equipment is acknowledged by this demanding group of users. Due to the fact that our foreign customers are the most demanding, our appliances are certified by the strictest international certification bodies.

Characteristic of GORT production plant is also having the state-of-the-art manufacturing facility.
From the technological point of view, GORT appliances are manufactured with the use of the most up-to-date equipment available on the market.
It is a curious and slightly unusual case, because the majority of old European manufacturing plants have relatively outdated machinery.
In our production plant only modern and top-notch equipment is used.



Our production plant provides extensive product range. We produce several groups of appliances dedicated for commercial kitchens, as well as for ventilation and construction branches. Among these groups we can distinguish cooking and heated equipment, refrigerated appliances, dedicated solutions, ventilation canopies, stainless steel kitchen furniture.

Cooking and heated equipment manufactured in our production plant include: boiling pans, COOKING LINE 700 equipment, bain maries, electric and gas stockpot stoves, electric bratt pans, as well as hot cupboards and heated overshelves.

In the refrigeration group you can find modular cold and freezer rooms, refrigerated cabinets and counters, blast chillers, saladettes, refrigerated display cabinets as well as bar refrigerators and freezers.

Dedicated solutions category incorporate buffets, bars, display solutions and wine cabinets. All of these products are custom made solutions manufactured according to individual customer’s needs.

Ventilation canopies and stainless steel kitchen furniture comprise the most extensive group of products. They are available in different dimensions therefore it gives many possibilities to choose an appropriate model for a specific catering facility.



In our factory showroom you can both, see and test GORT equipment. The most popular appliances from COOKING LINE 700, boiling pans or selected refrigerated equipment are constantly available.

Our specialists will provide information about technical details of particular models and available options. Professional consultation and demonstration of the equipment helps to familiarize with products’ capabilities and to choose the best technological solution.

Apart from visiting our showroom, there is a possibility to visit our production areas – by prior appointment. Such a presentation gives possibility to familiarize with technological potential of the production plant and many of our visitors receive an overall view of the progress level of GORT solutions.



Apart from equipment production, we also offer metal processing services. We have got state-of-the-art manufacturing facility from renowned producers as well as high technological experience in material processing (stainless steel, aluminium, galvanized and coated metal).

We are able to process metal sheets of 6 to 15 mm thickness, either from our materials or delivered by customers. We cooperate with renowned producers of materials (i.a. Krupp, Outokumpu, Mittal).

We take orders for material processing with the use of Trumpf laser cutting machine (ability to design any shape of details, possibility to order even a few pieces, quick and precise cutting), Trumph punching machine, die cutting machine, bending brake, hole saw machine, press brake, sand-blasting machine.

All the details are made with precision and in a timely manner.